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York City

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York County

Muddy Creek

Muddy Creek Forks Historical Area

Although located in southern York County, I've decided to dedicate a page exclusively to the Muddy Creek Forks historical area. The town is being preserved as an example of a typical railroad community in the steam engine era. Many of the existing buildings remain from that era. It is truly a journey back in time, and I plan to add more photos to this page.

Click on a thumbnail for the full size photo:

Muddy Creek Forks station and general store This is the village of Muddy Creek Forks, a historical site under preservation by the Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad Preservation Society. This building is the A.M. Grove General Store, which included a post office and railroad station. The exterior of the building has been restored and renovated as necessary, and interior of this building has been painstakingly restored to look as it did during it's heyday.

Muddy Creek Forks Roller Mills Also in the Muddy Creek Forks complex is the old roller mills. Water from nearby Muddy Creek powered this old mill. These buildings are also slated for restoration. They appear prominently in older photos from Muddy Creek Forks, and serve as an unmistakable landmark.

Muddy Creek Forks trackside In this view, looking railroad north, you can see how the old Ma & Pa Railroad line curved along the roller mill buildings. In the background you can see the general store/station building. The Ma & Pa didn't have many straight sections of track, as it meandered along the Muddy Creek valley on it's way to Delta.

Muddy Creek Forks Roller Mills, back side view Here you can see the back side of the roller mill buildings. In the distance you'll see a yellow dump truck, which is hi-rail equipped and is used by the Preservation Society. The society has a couple miles of track here, and they offer excursions along the line. They are presently restoring an old wooden coach, and have an old center cab diesel that is in need of restoration.

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