Railroads of York, Pennsylvania

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York City

York County

York County

Muddy Creek

Existing Railroad Structures in
Northern York County

The structures pictured below can be found in nouthern York County. I've used US Route 30/PA Route 462 (the old Lincoln Highway) as the dividing line between southern and northern York County.
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Dillsburg station - trackside Dillsburg station - Mechanicsburg & Dillsburg Railroad
This is in Dillsburg, in the far northwest corner of York County. Dan had an existing station listed in his database, so we had to go see if we could find it. We had been to Dillsburg years ago to explore the old right-of-way, but we had never looked for an old station. Here you see the track side view of the old station as it appeared during our trip.
Dillsburg station - streetside Thanks to a reprint of an old York County atlas, and a friend's recollection of where the right-of-way was, we knew where to start our search. As we drove down North Second Street, it became quite obvious that this was the old station. This is the street side of the building, now in private use.

Hellam station Hellam station - York, Hanover & Frederick Railway
This is the old Hellam train station. It was originally located along the railroad just south of town, but at some point in time was disassembled and relocated along an alley just north of Market Street, near the fire station.

Mount Wolf station Mount Wolf station - Northern Central Railway
This station still stands along the tracks in Mount Wolf, in the northeastern end of the county. The trackage here was originally part of the Northern Central Railway.
Mount Wolf station - trackside This station is privately owned, and the last time I was inside of it, it still contained many of the old fixtures from it's heyday,and other old railroad relics. In this trackside view, you may be able to make out the train order pole standing along the right-of-way, currently used by Norfolk Southern.

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